There are many good things in the world, whoever gets them all
When the two are trading, there's the third one aside

How to get yourself an instrument?

It is very easy: put your wish into words and contact the master of the musical instruments, who makes you a desirable instrument of good quality.

Which instrument to order?
Maybe these questions help you to make up your mind, what kind your special and unique instrument should be.

  1. Where is the instrument played? (in ensemble or accompanying singers?) Who starts playing it? (children, yourself or other people?)
  2. What would the most favourable appearance of the instrument be? (colour, shape, design, sound hole etc?) It is also possible to order an isnstrument according to the picture of another kannel.
  3. What tonality should the instrument have?

The price of a little kannel will be between 100-200 EUR.
The usual 6-stringed little kannel costs 100-120 EUR.
Hiiurootsi kannel costs 150-220 EUR.
The price depends on orderer's wishes, materials, finishing, the number of strings and material of strings (Hiiurootsi kannel has artificial or natural horse hair strings). The term of filling the order of little kannel is approximately three weeks. Making bigger kannels takes longer time. Working on your ordered instrument begins after making the agreement about paying and the term. 

After little pondering send your wishes and questions right to the master on the e-mail address, on mail or make a phone call. Check Contact.