Kandlekoda - Kannel chamber (zither chamber)

Kandlekoda instrument workshop - what is it?

It's a workshop that has specialised on making folk music instruments. The festive opening of the workshop took place in September, 2001 (check Picture Gallery). The master of music instruments, Rait Pihlap, has made kannels since the year 1998. He is attracted by the captivating and mystical sound of the instrument. Rait is deeply engrossed in the exploring/studying the kannel's sound and constructional peculiarities The kannel must sound!

The folk club's instrument workshop Kandlekoda actively helps in organising folklore activities and courses in Rapla and nearby areas.

It's a great pleasure to share one's ideas and ways of thinking with others and find common points in many things.

It is possible to order different types of kannels and other similar musical instruments from the workshop. If you like, you can come and make your own kannel at the workshop. Kandlekoda's workshop is always open to all kinds of new thoughts and suggestions, that help carry on the playing tradition of the Estonian kannel. Contact

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Kandlekoda thanks Karujšnes (BearRabbit) (andrus@helmes.ee) for helping to make and illustrate this web-page with photos. Great thanks to our artist Margo Busch for the Kannel-wizard.
I am a Kannel-wizard! !